At Doctrine, our story begins with a shared passion for skincare

Founded by industry veterans Mark, Tracey, and Caoimhe, boasting over 30 years of experience, they embarked on a journey driven by a simple vision: to craft skincare products that inspire cult-level devotion. Their unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and transparency sets them apart, while their results-driven approach ensures that customers look and feel their absolute best.

Doctrine is built upon a set of beliefs that guide everything we do

Formulation Matters

Expertly formulated in-house by Cosmetic Chemist Tracey Ryan, each product is meticulously crafted with functionality and potency at its core. We are devoted to using ingredients that genuinely make a difference, whether plant-based, biotech-created, or safe synthetic. Every ingredient within our formulations plays a crucial role in advancing and maintaining the integrity of our products. Our commitment lies in choosing ingredients based on their benefits rather than following marketing trends

Skincare For Everyone

We are dedicated to transforming the skin we're in. Our products are thoughtfully crafted to benefit all skin types, ages, and genders, contributing to the improved well-being, radiance, and texture of your skin.

Skincare Is A Ritual

At Doctrine, we embrace the concept of skincare as an immersive experience. We believe that your skincare routine should be a luxurious ritual, engaging all your senses. Each product is thoughtfully designed to envelop your senses, captivating you with luxurious textures, enchanting scents, and an overall sensorial experience. With Doctrine, your skincare routine becomes a cherished moment of self-care and beauty.

Sustainable Choices

Sustainability is more than a commitment; its a core value. Under the guidance of Tracey, our Head of R&D pursuing a Higher Diploma in Sustainability, we prioritise eco-friendly ingredients. Our use of recyclable glass and compostable cartons reflects our dedication to sustainable choices. Committed to continuous improvement and transparency, we aim to learn from and inspire our community to embrace sustainability. Check out the Sustainability Doctrine

When The Stars Align

Meet The Creators

Tracey Ryan

Hey there! Tracey here, heading up R&D and product formulation at Doctrine. My journey into skincare kicked off with a love for plant-based solutions, leading me to launch my first skincare venture post my Herbal Science degree. In my 12-year stint, I've added a Diploma in Cosmetic Chemistry and various other qualifications, always hungry for more in this ever-evolving industry.
Being a dedicated environmentalist, sustainability is more than a checkbox—it's a genuine commitment. Skincare formulation might be a science, but I also treat it as an art, aiming for products that are not just scientifically sound but also beautiful, sustainable, and effective

Caoimhe Donoghue

Hey, I'm Caoimhe—unapologetically obsessed with skincare. There was a time when I considered a face wipe a solid routine, but oh, how things have changed. Diving into skincare and learning about ingredients got me hooked. Having worked in the skincare industry for a number of years, I gained valuable insights. Skincare doesn't need to be complicated, but unfortunately, many brands make it so.
As the head of e-commerce and marketing at Doctrine, transparency is my focus. We have no time for confusing language, greenwashing, or scare tactics. It's essential to me that our community knows precisely what they're putting on their skin and why.

Mark O'Sullivan

Hey there, I'm Mark, Head of Sales and Brand Development at Doctrine. With 15+ years in the skincare and cosmetics realm, I'm all about skincare that's not just beautiful but seriously effective. From working with major brands in the UK to right here in Ireland, I'm thrilled to team up with Caoimhe and Tracey to create a uniquely Irish brand fusing gorgeous ingredients with sustainability and killer efficacy. It's all about celebrating sustainability, the joy of use, and top-tier performance. Get ready for a skincare revolution.

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