With Climate Change being a very real and daunting problem, we see sustainability as being both necessary and an opportunity for companies like ours to add value to the world. Our head of R&D, Tracey, is taking a Higher Diploma in Sustainability and Climate Action for Business at University College Cork and so sustainability has been baked into our brand from its conception. Although we are a small and emerging brand, we have large ambitions and so we have set ourselves a high bar when it comes to sustainability. When making decisions we look at the full value chain from our suppliers, our own processes and to you the end user and how you will use and dispose of our products and packaging. We will be transparent and honest about the decisions we make. We know as a small business we can do better as we gain more power over our supply chain. We are excited about embarking on this journey and we hope that we can both learn from our community and inspire our community to be more sustainable.

Our Products

Our own in-house cosmetic chemist Tracey is passionate about creating products that add value, that are useful, beautiful, effective, and multipurpose. She sources ingredients with a sustainability credentials whether they are plant based, synthetic or biotech-created.

Our products are made here in Ireland both supporting local Irish businesses and cutting down on product air miles.

We consider you the end user and how you will use this product. For example, our cleansing balm is designed to be used with cold water and minimal water, unlike some cleansing balms which need a lot of warm water to be rinsed off the skin.

Our Packaging

Packaging is one of the biggest stumbling blocks in our industry and is very hard to get right for small brands.

Our best effort for now is Miron Glass which houses both our Cleansing Balm and our Vitamin C Serum. This unique violet glass helps protect the product as it controls the penetration of UV rays.

Our bottles and jars are screen printed here in Cork, supporting local businesses, and cutting out the need for labels.

Our glass is 100% recyclable. Unfortunately, right now the lids and pipettes are made from different materials and so are not recyclable. On our containers, we instruct customers to remove them before recycling. We aim to use mono-material as soon as we can.

Our glass supplier ships them to us from Europe by sea and not air and uses FSC-certified shipment boxes.

We use outer cardboard cartons that are FSC-certified board and are 100% compostable. This means you can rip them up and put them in your brown bin or in your garden compost. We buy these from an Irish supplier.

Our retail displays are made from durable materials to ensure we can reuse them repeatedly.